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Welcome to Anshar Images! Anshar Images is the work of Andrey Omelyanchuck, a professional photographer who already has two successful businesses, Anshar Photography (open and limited-edition landscape prints and wall art) and Anshar Fine Art (limited edition fine art prints).

His newest venture, Anshar Images, is a stock photography agency geared toward travel professionals. Andrey is a passionate and award-winning photographer. He worked for many years as a software engineer and project manager with many successful projects under his belt, including the famous Parallels Desktop for Mac. But he could never ignore the pull that photography exerted on him and eventually walked away from a satisfying career to become a full-time photographer.

His home is Sofia, but the world is his subject and he travels the globe to create beautiful, art-level photographs of the world’s most popular landmarks and travel destinations. Andrey, a lifelong student of history and world civilizations, has ten years of experience as a travel photographer and is a member of the Photographic Society of America. Here, he offers a thoughtfully curated collection of his work, with only his finest photographs selected. There are no mediocre or commonplace images.

Andrey Omelyanchuck

Unlike many typical stock photography websites, Andrey’s site is an artist-owned agency; 100% of revenue goes to the artist. He offers an extensive array of unique city and landscape images at attractive prices, as well as royalty-free images with global usage rights and unlimited distribution. Photographs can be purchased easily with online payments and all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. He offers attractive pricing options: for use in digital products, his prices are $9 USD for the small size, $19 USD for large size, and $39 USD for the original size. For images to be used in physical products, the price is $99 USD for the original size.

City and Landscape Photos

Andrey travels to far-flung destinations around the globe to create beautiful, art level photographs of the world’s most beloved destinations. He chooses the world’s most iconic sites and uses the best techniques and points of view to capture the essence of a place; his work gives the viewer the feeling of being there in person.

City photography is highly challenging, and Andrey uses the most advanced techniques to create quality images: panoramic, focus stacking, time blending, long exposure, and more. Andrey delivers digital perfection with each image, using delicate postprocessing and color grading, and careful retouching. Each image is the result of hours of meticulous work — both before and after the shot. His photographs are not merely copies of reality; they are works of art. They tell stories focusing on non-human characters and they convey mood. They capture the spirit of the city.

Like studio portraits of people in their finest clothes and makeup, Andrey’s photographs are essentially portraits of cities. Using the best light and illumination, he presents the world’s greatest cities and most beloved landmarks at their very best, like a woman in her most elegant attire. The locations may be places you’ve seen millions of times, but Andrey’s skill and dedication mean that his images are unique from any others. He brings an artist’s sensibility and a deep appreciation for the world’s beauty to his work. Whether photographing the stark deserts of Namibia, the modern architecture of Copenhagen, the winding medieval streets of Prague, or the ancient spired temples of Myanmar, he is continually amazed by the world around him, and that sense of awe is communicated through his photographs.

Tell Incredible Visual Stories

Andrey’s photographs offer professionals — marketing agencies, designers, content creators, travel agencies, travel bloggers and writers, producers of city guides, and web designers — top choices for high-quality photographs. Professionals who want their content to stand out from the millions of poor-quality, repetitive images used in ads, posts, and articles will find gallery-worthy images that will immediately draw the viewer’s eye to their content. Making selections from Andrey’s photographs is an easy and user-friendly process; only his best images are offered, allowing clients to save a lot of time in choosing the best photos for use in their content.

All of Andrey’s new photographs made since the launch of this website in 2019 are exclusively available only at Anshar Images. His collection is continually growing; as passionate about travel as he is about his work, Andrey is continually traveling, adding new destinations and revisiting familiar ones, always looking for interesting sites and new ways of looking at a place. He is endlessly curious and views the world with an almost childlike sense of amazement and this sense of wonder is communicated through his photographs. He approaches his subjects with a tremendous reverence. This reverence, along with his careful, methodical approach, provides his clients with images that are not merely photographs, but works of art.

Selected Awards


  • The EPSON International Pano Awards 2019 - 4 Silver Awards and 1 Bronze Award
  • Gold Camera 2019 - ICS Diploma - Section D: Nature
  • Sunflower Photo Salon 2019 - IAAP Gold Medal - Section B : Open Color
  • Palanga Photo Salon 2019 - Salon Bronze Medal - Photo Travel
  • Palanga Photo Salon 2019 - PSA Ribbon - Open Color
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Awards 2019 - 2 Merit Awards - Landscape
  • Hoylake International Digital Exhibition 2019 - Honorable Mention - Architecture & Structures
  • Spring Clicks 2019 - Salon Perasto - Honorable Mention - Section D : Photo Travel
  • Prague International Photographic Salon 2019 - FIAP Bronze Medal - Section C : Nature
  • MIROC circuit 2019 (4th MIROC Exhibition Edenvale 2019, South Africa) - Gold GPU medal
  • MIROC circuit 2019 (4th MIROC Exhibition Edenvale 2019, South Africa) - Salon Honorable Mention
  • MIROC circuit 2019 (4th MIROC Exhibition Penza 2019, Russia) - Salon Honorable Mention
  • MIROC circuit 2019 (2nd MIROC Exhibition Bergen 2019, Norway) - FIAP Honorable Mention


  • FEP Photographer of the Year Awards 2018 - Landscape Finalist
  • IPA 2018 - Honorable Mention - Nature : Landscapes Category
  • The EPSON International Pano Awards 2018 - 2 Silver Awards and 9 Bronze Awards
  • 6-th Olympic Photo Circuit 2018 - Judges Choice Award


  • IPA 2017 - Honorable Mention - Special : Panoramic Category
  • MIFA 2017 - Bronze / 2017 / Architecture / Buildings
  • The Scottish Landscape Photography of 2017 - Seascape Commended


  • IPA 2015 - Honorable Mention - Special : Night Photography Category
  • IPA 2015 - Honorable Mention - Architecture : Cityscapes Category
  • IPA 2015 - Honorable Mention - Special : Night Photography Category
  • IPA 2015 - Honorable Mention - Architecture : Cityscapes Category
  • IPA 2015 - Honorable Mention - Nature : Landscapes Category

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