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So remote is the region of Chilean Patagonia that it is difficult to identify exactly where it begins. It occupies roughly one-third of Chile’s territory, consuming much of the southernmost part of the country. It is a rugged and formidable landscape: at its most southern point, it lies just 900 miles from Antarctica. It calls to the curious and adventure-seeking, but it is not for the faint of heart...

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As a travel photographer, I’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the world’s most incredible sites, both natural and man-made. I spend much of the year traveling and have set up my tripod in far-flung locations around the world and on several continents. I’m happy to say that after years of living something of a nomadic lifestyle, the experience of seeing a place for the first time is as exhilarating to me now as it was when I began my career. Standing in breathless wonder at one of the world’s beautiful places is an experience that I never tire of...

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As a travel photographer, my work takes me around the world. I have always been fascinated by the world and its cultures and I am grateful that I have a profession that allows me to explore far-flung destinations around the globe. Although I am continually looking for new places to explore, there are a few places that always pull me back for another visit. Croatia is one of those places...

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Less well-known than Rome, Venice, and Florence, Bologna is often overlooked by travelers. Many group tours bypass the city entirely, focusing instead on its more famous counterparts. But I found the city, which is home to one of Europe’s oldest universities, to be a curious alchemy of a grand, imposing history and a scrappy, rough-around-the-edges character forged by centuries of often fractious politics...

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Athens is one of those places — maybe it is the only place — that makes a modern traveler feel that the past is infinitely more interesting than the present. It’s an incredible city — maybe the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. There are olive trees here that are older than many countries. Walking along its streets, it seems that every bend reveals another monument to the human desire to create...

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I made my first trip to Copenhagen aware that it’s one of Europe’s design centers, full of chic boutiques and stylish locals famous for their effortless good looks. In recent years, the city has developed a reputation as a culinary center, with collection of Michelin starred restaurants one might expect to find in Paris or Rome. There is no question; Copenhagen is an almost impossibly beautiful city full of equally beautiful people, all of whom appear to have stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. But that isn’t what drew me to Copenhagen...

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Like many people, when I began planning my trip to Prague, I started by planning the landmarks and historic sites that I wanted to see and photograph. I’d seen the photographs of the Charles Bridge, the city’s most recognizable site, and knew my customers would expect to see that Gothic landmark. Of course, like many other photographers, painters, and visitors to the city, I found the reality is a bit different than I expected — overrun with tourists and souvenir sellers, I had to wake in the wee hours of morning and get to the bridge before dawn to get a photograph when it wasn’t full of people. Looking back at the final results, I think the extra effort was worth it...

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